Empress of the Dark Side
Dark Pixie
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Powrina, sister
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Silver
Height Any height
Age 9,000
Affiliation Heroes' Island
Weapons Unknown
Power Any
Home Heroes' Island, The Dark Side
Quests To Make the world Evil


Unlike her sister, Revenga is cold-hearted, sarcastic, sadistic, mean, and evil. She wants the world to become evil and will make her wish come true. She does not believe in dreams, only your worst nightmares.


In the land of the Pixies, Queen Pixia had two children, Powrina and Keara. Powrina is the oldest and Keara the youngest.

During Pixie School, Powrina was very popular in school while Keara was in her shadow. She became jealous and cold hearted. One day after school, she snuck down to the Catacombs and started learing dark magic. She made a posion potion for her mother and flew fast to her home. She mixed the posion with her mothers wine. She gave her the wine and she drank it. She choked and died. She flew up to the ceiling since she saw Powrina coming her way. She flew down to the ground and said her name was no longer Keara. It was Revenga. Powrina became mad but there was nothing she could do. She banished Revenga to earth.

When Revenga saw Powrina coming to her island, she shrank down to the size of a fly and flew to the boys ear and whispered a spell for him to become evil. 1/4 of the island became evil and known as Villain's Island.