Queen Powrina
Hello, my name is Powrina, founder of the Island.
Queen of the Pixies
Founder of Heroes' Island
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Revenga, Evil sister
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height Any height
Age 10,000
Affiliation Heroes' Island
Weapons Unknown
Power Any
Home Heroes' Island, Pixie City
Quests Too many




In the land of the Pixies, Queen Pixia had two children, Powrina and Keara. Powrina is the oldest and Keara the youngest.

During Pixie School, Powrina was very popular in school while Keara was in her shadow. One day, Powrina saw her mother dead. As the oldest, she became Queen. Queen of the Pixies, Powrina saw mortal using special powers and abilities. She saw a boy with flying powers. She flew up to him and ordered him to follow her. His name was Paul. Powrina led Paul to a special island called Heroes' Island where teenagers with extrodinary powers are used to learn them. Paul turned dark and evil, and 1/4 of the island became know as the Villain's Island. It is said that and Hero or Heroine and forbidden to go there, or else.