Ally Dawson
Ally 2
The High Flyer
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Skyla (Mother)

Devin Dawson (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'7
Age 17
Affiliation Hero's Island
Weapons Dagger
Power Flying
Home Hero's Island
Quests -


Ally is a hyper active, bouncing off the walls, sugar loving kind of girl. She is goofy and always has a smile on her face. She is good with children as she used to be a babysitter. Always having a calm level head even in situations that should stress her out.


Young Devin Dawson was an uber nerd who loved video games, comics etc. One day when he was throwing a pitch for a video game to his boss, a young girl walked in who looked to be just a regular business woman. But when the two returned to Devin's house in Scotland, he discovered she was more then that. Being able to fly and control the wind, she introduced herself as Skyla. Being even more in love with the woman, the two quickly had sex. After a couple months they got married, and after returning from their honey moon Skyla found out she was pregnant.

Almost a year later, little Ally was born. She like her mother was not ordinary, and her father knew that. But he never could tell exactly what it was. Ally was always a beam of energy and fun wherever she went. Always wanting to run and play. Well shopping in the mall with her friends one day, she was suddenly pulled into a store, the person locked the door and he had scars amongst his face. He had a huge katana blade and when he tried to swing it at Ally, she somehow hovered away from it. Not realizing what was going on she ran into a supply closet, locked the door, and climbed into the air ducts. She managed to get out of the building and her father was waiting for her.

When they got back home, a magical looking creature was waiting there for them. It had wings, and talked in a squeaky high pitched voice. The creature introduced herself as Mira, and that she was a pixie. Mira quickly grabbed Ally by the hand and told her to summon her powers. 17 year old Ally did what she was told and focused on harnessing the powers she used in the mall. The two girls quickly flew off the ground and Ally said goodbye to her parents, soon after they arrived at Hero's Island.